Precipitation Mediumship - Spirit Writing - Writing on the Wall
Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall,
near the lamp-stand in the royal palace. The king watched the hand as it wrote.
(The Bible, Daniel Chapter 5, Verse 5)

PRECIPITATION MEDIUMSHIP is an incredibly rare and beautiful form of spirit communication that includes images, writings and even signatures that “precipitate” out of the ether onto a surface. Colorful pigments (most often supplied by a medium) are reformed by a spirit and laid down intelligently so that the final product has meaning to the recipient or witness. Neither human hands nor physical writing/drawing/painting tools are involved directly in the process of creating this phenomena. The focus of true precipitation is on the reformation of colored pigments themselves. When a spirit controls the hands of a medium to write/draw/paint, this is termed “automatic” writing/drawing/painting and is NOT precipitation mediumship. When a spirit directly controls or manipulates (ie. levitates) these same tools using ectoplasmic and other forces alone (no human contact), this is termed “direct” writing/drawing/painting and is NOT precipitation mediumship. Broadly, all such examples given here are termed Spirit Art (being due to spirit influence).

Mother Mary
& Father Joseph
(on 3″x5″ index card)

Why is this so important for Kevin Lee to share with others? Because in December of 2007, he was guided to his first precipitation (card writing) seance with today’s most famous (and the only demonstrating) precipitation medium in the world, Rev. Hoyt Z. Robinette. For months prior, Kevin had been privately dealing with mental and spiritual torment of his own creation and ignorance of the matters of Metaphysics and Spiritualism. Through that fateful experience, Kevin received communication of support and spiritual upliftment from loved ones in spirit and also evidential guidance from two spiritual masters, Mother Mary and Father Joseph. They spoke of his pain and turmoil at the time. They spoke of their loving support to an important project of his at that time (his first sermon on the metaphysical meaning of the birth of Jesus at Christmas – completed the night before said seance). Never once did they speak of sin or judgment or his involvement with an “ungodly” religion. They spoke of his free will “to stay or leave the (Metaphysical) church” they had guided him to but if he stayed, he would benefit the lives of tens of thousands of souls in one life. What no one knew was that he was days from walking away from his church’s metaphysical and spiritualist teachings out of ignorant fear of eternal punishment. And yet, that day, Kevin was gifted a beautiful precipitated painting of Mary and Joseph. [*inset image left] That one experience of spirit communication and precipitation mediumship powerfully transformed months of fear and pain. That was the day Kevin realized the incredible healing and soul-transforming potentials this strange form of mediumship held for the world. Kevin decided that day to dedicate himself to learning all he could about it, so that one day he too could bring transformational spiritual and sacred experiences to as many people as he could reach.

Our Lady of Guadalupe holy icon (Virgin Mary)

Acheiropoieta — also called Icons Made Without Hands — are Christian holy icons (mainly of Jesus and Mother Mary), which are said to have “come into existence miraculously.” These precipitated religious images and writings  have been documented in many religions going back thousands of years. The most recent mystical occurrence was some 500 years ago when Our Lady of Guadalupe (the virgin Mother Mary) precipitated her famous image on the agave fiber apron of a peasant who had gathered up roses she had materialized for him as a sign of divine intervention and communication. That artifact surprisingly has not disintegrated in all this time when we know how cactus fibers typically disintegrate within 50 years. It now hands as a holy icon in Mexico City’s Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Over the last 175 years and earlier, surprisingly, there have been many documented precipitation mediums and spiritual encounters. Some of the mediums of historical notoriety were Madame Blavatsky, David Duguid, a daughter of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, Keith Milton Rhinehart, the Campbell Brothers and the Bangs Sisters. Since the 1900’s, the United States has produced numerous lesser known and mostly forgotten precipitation mediums with remarkably beautiful and unique precipitation abilities. Even today, Kevin is friends with the few remaining precipitation mediums still alive in the U.S. Most no longer demonstrate precipitation mediumship and are enjoying retirement.

What tools are used to produce this phenomena today? A light-proof container, such as a shoe box or a tightly woven basket and lid, is required by most mediums. Pigments are supplied and placed inside the container, such as crayons, colored pencils, gel pens, paints, etc. A “canvas” is needed and most use blank white index cards due to their clean appearance and sturdy form. This technique produces the well-known style of Precipitation Spirit Card Writing demonstrated by Rev. Hoyt Robinette. 

Can this be demonstrated in the light? Yes. Kevin has found one retired US medium who could once demonstrate the phenomena in dim red lighted “dark room” conditions. (A historical Red Light Precipitation Seance Audio file is available here) However, most mediums will need the darkness INSIDE their container to allow their spiritual forces to produce said “ectoplasmic phenomena” in a stronger way. They can have sunlight or room lights on brightly during a demonstration, but it must not intrude into the container producing precipitation.

Can anyone develop this spiritual ability? Yes. If your heart desires it, you will surely develop it with over time. Some have more potential than others and will develop much faster as long as they devote regular time and attention to development efforts daily.

How long does it take to develop this ability? Each person will develop in their own divine timing. Two of Kevin’s precipitation mentors took between 15-18 years of daily development (meditating & sitting with their container to magnetize it and allow Spirit to adjust their potentials of precipitation). Kevin knows of one precipitation medium that by 2013 had sat for nearly 7 years regularly for his own development, which took off beautifully. With God, anything is possible. And in this Age of Aquarius, “new earth energies” appear to be having the effect of speeding up our own natural psychic potentials and helping to bring them out quicker.

Kevin often offers an (open to all), Ongoing Virtual Precipitation Mediumship Development Circle for anyone interested in this spiritual ability. Please check his Calendar of Events. 


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