CD – Precipitation Mediumship – Empowering Spirit’s Artistry

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This one-hour collection of guided meditations by Kevin Lee offers listeners the tools to develop Precipitation Mediumship, an evidential form of mediumship in which discarnate spirits materialize pigment onto a canvas creating images, writings, and signatures which are evidentially significant to the recipient. This phenomenon offers us a powerful bridge between the material and spirit world, as the unseen world becomes manifest without the use of physical tools or human hands. The album guides listeners to recognize and apply their own innate spiritual powers of precipitation potentials and gives them the spiritual tools to master them through a scientific process. Spiritually inspired music comforts the soul and harmonizes with Kevin Lee’s magnetic narratives as listeners are led into a deeply relaxed state. Broadly, these meditations bring peace to the mind, empower the soul and hopefully remove the fear of death as but an illusion on this journey life after life.

Content includes:

*an introduction to precipitation mediumship.

*exercises for sitting in the soul’s power.

*a guided journey to meet one’s precipitation spirit guide.

*practices in developing the mind’s astral eye.

* a brief odyssey into blessing and empowering one’s sacred container.


1 review for CD – Precipitation Mediumship – Empowering Spirit’s Artistry

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kevin Lee (verified owner)

    The spiritual teachings that manifested for this album are so deeply profound, luscious and inspiring! So much gratitude to all my students and customers who have purchased and shared their heart-felt reviews on this album I had professionally produced. And gratitude to Spirit for walking with me as inspiration for the whole of this work. Om shanti shanti shanti

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