Kevin’s research into Precipitation Mediumship and all its many subcategories of presentation styles has been taking place for many years. He is constantly searching old, occult and Spiritualist media for references to long forgotten persons who demonstrated this rare form of mediumship and any images or references. 

He is happy to speak with anyone who might have knowledge of such matters or suggestions for reference materials to research. Many have donated their historical precipitation artifacts to his archives so the public might have access to them going forward. 

Please visit our CONTACT US page should you wish to share what you know and have an interview. Your support will surely make a huge difference in building out a more robust history and timeline of this beautiful and healing form of spirit communication. 

*If you Question whether your knowledge or artifacts are Precipitation or not, No Worries! Please allow Kevin to speak with you and to see the images you have. He will be able to decipher what exactly you have come across. You are never bothering or imposing upon him. He is happy to help you figure it out. 


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