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Kevin shared… It’s really great when the client learns to overcome their issues through the personal discovery process we walk through using various exercises and queries. Seeing a metamorphosis in character and a return to vitality and joy in life is so enriching to my spirit.

My clientele comes from varies backgrounds such as television, radio, national speaking agencies, universities, various religious centers of worship, governmental agencies and especially from the average person seeking guidance for pressing issues of concern. I hear consistent feedback from people I have seen validating that the information they received was accurate and/or came true.

It’s always my pleasure to be of service to anyone seeking true guidance.
I look forward to serving your Highest and Best, True Self, soon.

We will manage recording your coaching sessions for any package you purchase. Feel free to manage a video screen capture system on your own as a secondary style of recording. All recordings will be housed in our systems and you will have total access to them at any time. 

To schedule an initial Discovery Coaching Call with Kevin, please visit our CONTACT page & send us a message requesting such.

You may also reach out to our office line +1-754-300-9978 and leave us a voicemail or send us a text during business hours.

All sessions are held over Zoom video conferencing to document your growth and are scheduled in the EASTERN TIME ZONE (New York City). 

Not getting Kevin’s Email Newsletters?!? We have some thoughts…

Some say they sign up and don’t get them. This is often due to your email system not recognizing our business email address coming to your INBOX.


        *Search for our email address – Info <AT> 
        *NOTICE – You will have to CHANGE the <AT>  sign to the proper sign of @

        *Next, OPEN our email to you and CLICK your email system’s option “NOT SPAM/NOT JUNK” (or similar)


        *ADD our ‘From Address’ in your Address book, trusted sender list or approved sender list:         
         Info <AT> 

        *HOW TO: Google your provider name (ie. Gmail, Aol, Hotmail, etc) and ADD THESE KEYWORDS “Whitelist” and “Trusted Sender”. Study any pages or articles that pop up discussing this topic to learn how to manage your emails. 

LASTLY, You as a Client, can also SEND an Email to OUR email address above and then ADD OUR EMAIL ADDRESS as a NEW CONTACT for Kevin Lee / Legacy Leadership Company.  We hope this is helpful!

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