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May you live a golden life of love,  meditation and service. 

Find a (trans) Need ~ Fill a (trans) Need

TransSOCIAL Miami Receives Generous Donation from Local Purpose Coach & Business Owner in S. Florida PRESS RELEASE By: Legacy Leadership Company MIAMI – May 22, 2023 – PRLog — TransSOCIAL, a Miami-based, Trans-led nonprofit, recently received a very helpful and generous donation of an “all-in-one” Dell computer workstation to be used for the educational, legal and business needs of their TLGBQIA+

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Turn your Book into a $100,000 Online Course

As a 2X Author with a #1 International Best Seller (Your Divine Purpose – a Journey to Fulfillment and Legacy), creating an online course from my best selling book has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my career. I have seen incredible results from making this move, and I am


Infinite Intelligence

May these words bring you joy!  I AM THAT I AM! The One who brings forth peace, harmony, love, compassion, non-judgment and the drop of life into you. My words bring healing and kindness to the lips of those who share them for other’s upliftment. Freely we give; freely you receive. From the mountaintops to


The Minds of Stardust

Stars up in the night sky are countless poles of light hearkening towards Earth at the speed of thought. These are the minds of stardust. So few understand the power in this statement, for we all are One. Coming in this way today, we feel pride in the instrument for he is beginning a new


We owe no one anything.

We owe no one anything ~ this is super true!
Not Family, Not Friends. Our 1st Priority for a Better Divine Life of Purpose is one of Learning to Love Ourselves.


Human Flower Power

There is Power in the Human Flower that is you!~ Kevin Lee To be in your power is not to be forceful, manipulative, or aggressive. To be in your power is to be in alignment.  To be in your power is to trust that you are in the right place at the right time. To



10 AWESOME TOOLS for GO LIVE Streaming

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