We owe no one anything.

We owe no one anything ~ this is super true!
Not Family, Not Friends. Our 1st Priority for a Better Divine Life of Purpose is one of Learning to Love Ourselves.
So many of us were taught by families, cultures, religions that we must be selfless and focus on others before ourselves.

While the intention was good, the outcome has created a planet of self-loathing human creatures many incapable of the most basic acts of self-love.
Honestly, Even I have struggled with this issue because of religion and culture.

I’m curious, How did your family culture, religion, etc… program you growing up? Think about this a bit today in the sunshine outside in nature or on a walk… ponder such things and connect with the life of Spirit around you. You will expand your awareness more easily and become enlightened with new perspectives more easily on such difficult matters. Your answers will appear.. in time.
Let go – Let God.
Om shanti shanti shanti.

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