Personal Mentorship & Business Coaching

In this Age of Aquarius, many people are now sensing the desire to elevate their lives and the soul’s higher calling to serve others. Such is a sacred journey towards a life of Service to humanity. Allow Kevin to help guide the process for your understanding, learning, practice and development in a one to one program created to work with your goals and at your own pace. 

Spiritual Gifts Mentoring
*4 hour Increments

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Highly Individualized Programming. Format similar to Personal Classes and Exercises, including regular homework. 


Many persons seeking unfoldment of their natural intuitive abilities find themselves questioning their own potentials for such skills. A few years of attempts, many classes and lots of expenses has yielded ho-hum results. Yes, it can frustrating as we “want what we want.” But everything works on many different spiritual levels due to many different factors (Karma, Universal Laws, Divine Timing, etc). 

Kevin is always happy to take on Mentoring projects for Student Development of their intuitive abilities. Your joining “Groups in Progress” may be a short term answer. Individual One on One Sessions might be advised. Even a Mixture of the Two is possible. Every student is different in their needs. Each Mentoring Plan of Care will be unique to your needs.

Let’s discover what your soul truly desires to achieve and work together to layout that plan of guidance and unfoldment in a proper way. 

Small Business Coaching
*4 hour Increments. 

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Highly Individualized Programming. Format similar to Personal Classes and Exercises, including “business building” homework. 

Most individuals wishing to Start their own Small (or Spiritual) Business find such a daunting task, and more often than not, most are scared at the thought of opening a business because they do not have the business background, training or experience to handle such “mountains”.

Kevin is happy to help persons no matter their level of capability or results.

If you wish to create a Start-Up type business, great! It’s all about a Goal and Game Plan to get you to it.

If you wish to take your fledgling business and let it fly… finally… no problem. Kevin can help assess what’s been working and refocus your business efforts towards the most fruitful avenues of service to your target market.

If you wish to take your fruitful business to the level beyond the Glass Ceiling you are experiencing, not to worry. Kevin can assess your historical journey and provide new inspirations, guidelines of consideration and helpful input to truly reach new heights and markets of possibility!

To learn more about these opportunities, schedule a FREE Initial Phone Interview (15-30 minutes) to discuss which service or program would be the best for you or your business needs. 


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