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Spiritual & Mediumship Readings

My session With Kevin on was extremely rewarding. I have had a few readings over the years and Kevin’s was the best by far…spot on! Truly a gifted soul. (Moon Mistress, Florida)

I highly, highly recommend Kevin Lee for a reading. His ability to connect is elevated beyond human comprehension. His Divine nature is felt in everything he says. You will feel safe, loved, and your essence understood during the reading. You will leave the reading fulfilled. Your eyes will be opened to your path in a way words cannot convey. You will leave with your heart full, connected with your deceased loved ones. (Jeevali Pranayam, Florida)

Thank you for the wonderful reading at the church Thursday evening.  It was one of the best spiritual journeys I have ever taken.  Kevin Lee, has a got a talent that is beyond my ability to describe, and I am not shy with words.  This man puts his heart and soul into his readings and you feel like you are in touch in a way you’ve never believed possible. It worked for me far beyond my expectations. The man is gifted and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a spiritual reading. (Stan Weinstein, Florida)

Kevin is so spot on! Last reading, he saw a golden retriever in his psychic eye playing with him. That was my first pet, Pogo.  She was my protector when I was growing up and still watches over me daily I know. Super happy with my readings.  (Regina D., Florida)

Kevin is an incredibly talented psychic medium. His guidance has literally changed my life and I feel full of life finally. (Rachel M., Sedona, 30 year Channeling Medium)

Kevin is an incredibly gifted person! Within just one reading, my life and energy shifted for the best. Kevin’s very helpful in navigating pieces of your self that you never had time to take a second look at. Helena Suba (West Palm Beach, Florida)

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Kevin this past weekend. I was blown away when he brought in my father, who had recently passed away.  The evidence about my father was unmistakable, including physical appearance and favorite hobby (hunting).  I was extremely impressed with the detail / accuracy of this reading.  If you have not had a reading from Kevin, you are missing out! Tim Simmone (Boca Raton, Florida)



Teaching and Speaking

Only 8 minutes into your show BUT my god! It is so very incredibly refreshing to listen to someone speaking on various aspects of the spirit world and mediumship that isn’t full of bullocks! I have spoken to literally hundreds on these same topics and you are literally the ONLY person I have come across who clearly knows what he is speaking about. I can assure you that is a rare gift for others. (Ben Davies, UK)

You taught me so much and helped me change my life for the better. I love you, Rev! (Candy Love, Florida)
Kevin, Wonderful radio interview! You’ve blossomed into this amazing teacher and spiritual leader. It’s inspiring.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping those of us that are still searching… Watching your interview this evening has re-energized my interest, wonder, and sacredness towards Spirit, something that I have seemed to lose lately within myself. (Ana F., Florida) 
THANK YOU for putting yourself out there; for reaching out, teaching, igniting and inspiring others. Awesome work Kevin – you are touching the lives of so many. Wow! You have stepped fully into your greatness! (John K., Florida)
I want to let you know how impressed and proud I am of you for your powerful presentation on precipitated spirit art. I have seen other presenters in other organizations give presentations that were visually boring and amateurish. Your presentation was designed extremely well and the entertaining breaks you built in were brilliant. (Rev. Sidney Schwartz, Author, Medium)

Ministerial Services – Unveiling of Headstone Ceremony (Jewish)

Dear Kevin, Thank you so much for the beautiful service at the unveiling. Everything you said and did was perfect. You turned a sad day into a rewarding and fulfilling experience. No one could have done so fabulous as you did. I am so happy I chose you. You certainly found your calling in Ministry. Mrs. Judy S. (Miami, Florida)


Rev. Kevin and the Metaphysical Chapel

It was at the Metaphysical Chapel’s Dania Beach, FL location in 2010, where I used to sit in the back during my first services and attended different spiritual classes.  A visiting Canadian Minister came to me with a Message from Spirit and said “Sir, you are a medium and one day you will be up here doing this.” I told myself “that’s not going to happen” as I have a fear of public speaking. It was this first spiritual experience which began opening doors for me. Then, in another service several months later,  Rev Kevin Lee delivered a Message from Spirit to me and he said Spirit sees me going to seminary and again I said “Not me; I have been in school my whole life!” And very soon after, I felt spiritually drawn to enter the United Metaphysical Churches’ Ministerial Seminary program. I am so grateful to the Chapel and for Rev Kevin having been placed in my path so I could find my path. Rev. Bill S. (Ft Lauderdale, Florida)

I had been searching for a church for years that resonated with me and my new belief system.  I did a search online for a metaphysical type church and Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida came up right away.  I was so excited… I could not wait to attend.  I met Rev Lee that first Sunday.  He made me feel completely comfortable.  The abundance of classes that his church hosts catapulted my psychic/mediumship abilities.  If it were not for Rev Lee’s dedication to his church and to his congregation’s development, I would not be at the level I am today.  I will forever be indebted to him.  Marlies Jones, Spiritual Medium (Florida)


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